Tala-Pengő double bass

It is my brand new (2021) double bass.

The intrument made by my friend Gábor Szkórits-Tala and Me.


It is a special pear shaped, cornerless double bass. It has a warm beautiful sound. The G,D and A strings are Belcanto, the E is Spirocore.

More details:

Old double bass

I don’t know who made it and where it was made, I have been playing on it since 1997-98.

It was a broken instrument (the back is in 5 pieces etc.), a luthier reconditioned it. Even though there are several problems with some parts of this instrument, I really love to play on it. So comfortable and  has a great, warm sound.

I use Thomastik Spirocore light strings. Also good for pizzicato and bowing.

Fender Precision Bass

It was made in 2004.

This is the sound that I like when playing in bands….

Ibanez Musician Bass


It was made in Japan, 1983.

A legendary bass guitar. Originally it was fretted, I bought it as a a fretless.

It has a story: somebody stole it from my car and sold it to my musician friend who lived in my hometown on the other side of the country. When we met next time, he showed it to me: „look at this beautiful instrument, I’ve just bought it…”


Prisitne Bass amplifiers

My only amplifier, don’t need more….

Built by a legendary Hungarian electric and sound engineer, András Nyerges. It is the No. 1.

I have never heard as clear sound as it has. For double bass and electric bass it is also the best I’ve ever tried.