Szkórits-Tala - Pengő basses


Csaba is a professional double bass player with a thorough understanding of woodwork. Gábor plays
the bass at a tolerable level and is a qualified luthier who decided to do something else for a living.
The whole story began when Gábor started to take double bass lessons from Csaba. The two
became friends and decided to go to BASSEUROPE 2018 in Lucca, Italy. They listened to music for
four days running and checked out many old and new basses. One of them caught Csaba’s attention.
That’s when they decided to build a bass…
If you are interested in how the plan worked out, see the photos of the bass they built together.

(video, pictures above)

Double bass no. 1

This instrument is based on Sergio Scramelli’s Landolfi model, the bass we saw – and fell in love with
– in BASSEUROPE 2018 in Lucca. The back and sides are made of cherry, and we reinforced the sides
with woven Kevlar (in Cremona, they used linen for the same purpose. We kept the back completely
flat (no bevel) and used only one crossbar to make sure it moves freely and does not crack. We
installed a Hungarian invention, an Anima Nova soundpost in our proudly made original Hungarian
double bass.

String Length:


Length of Back:
Rib Depth:
Upper Bout:
Centre Bout:
Lower Bout:

photo by Roland Heidrich

Pictures of bass no.1

pictures by Roland Heidrich

Pictures of work